Brad teaching Caesar “STAY” using Clicker Training

Clicker Training through Doggone Fun was a positive way to train Caesar in appropriate behaviors as well as a bonding time with our dog. Caesar and I looked forward to class each week and the trainers made our homework assignments relevant and fun. We will be enrolling Caesar in Intermediate Clicker class as well as our new rescue dog in the Beginning Clicker class training. Training through Doggone Fun has made owning dogs much more enjoyable!  – Brad, Caesar’s Dad

Brad teaching Caesar to “STAY” using Clicker training


“Daphne has been going to Doggone Fun! for 6 1/2 years. On daycare mornings she starts getting excited when we pull into the parking lot. I know she enjoys Doggone Fun1 by the big smile she gets when she drags me in the door. The Staff at Doggone Fun! are awesome!”  Michele and Tony, Daphne’s mom and dad

Daphne's doggy daycare smile


“Doggone Fun! Doggy Daycare Center is fantastic! Scott gets so excited when I mention where we are going. Say the name of his best buddy, Ruby the boxer and Scott can barely contain himself. When I pick him up at the end of the day, he is relaxed, tired and ready to go home and dream about his day. The friendly staff is the best! I have total peace of mind and would highly recommend Doggone Fun! for your dog. Karen, Scott’s mom


“I would highly recommend Doggone Fun! Doggy Daycare Center to anyone who is looking for a daycare facility for their dog. The staff is friendly and always has time to answer my questions. I appreciate the feedback I get, and the personal attention they give to all the dogs in their care. It is a great feeling to know my dog is being well cared for while I’m at work. It is an added bonus that my dog Bella loves to go their and play with her friends.” Lisa, Bella’s Mom


“I’ve been taking my dog, Dixie, to Doggone Fun! every weekday for over five years. Cinthia and her staff are the best at what they do, and it shows by the way they really care for and interact with the dogs. Dixie barks in delight and excitement as we arrive at Doggone Fun! If feels good to know Dixie is having the best life, fun and socializing experience that she can while I’m at work. Doggone Fun! Doggy Daycare Center provides a superior service at a very reasonable price.” Scott, Dixie’s Dad