Thundershirts – A great solution for dog anxiety without the use of drugs.

Using the Thundershirt is a positive way to help owners deal with and reduce their dog’s anxiety and fear issues. The Thundershirt is like a well fitted jacket that provides gentle pressure to the dog’s muscles.  This gentle pressure has a calming effect on the dog’s nervous system.  It is like getting a big hug!  Mothers use the same method to calm their children.  It is based on the Temple Grandin idea that gentle pressure helps relieve anxiety. Vets have been using this same method for years to keep dogs calm during certain procedures.  It is also the method used in TTouch and with autistic children.

If your dog suffers from fear or anxiety the Thundershirt is a great way to provide comfort. Some situations in which Thundershirts can be beneficial are when your dog is home alone, around loud noises and fireworks, during nail trims, car rides, visits to the vet, and during thunder storms.   The Thundershirt can also be useful in training.  It helps to calm over stimulated or hyper active dogs enough to allow them to focus on training.   Thundershirts are available at Doggone Fun! DoggyDaycare Center for $38.00. We also have many other positive training tools and enrichment supplies including:  the Gentle Leader, Easy Walk halter, Wobbler Kong, Buster Cube and of course our Clicker Training classes.

Sammy strikes a pose in his Thundershirt


Sammy the Pomeranian wears his Thunder Shirt in the car on the way to doggy daycare and he loves it!