Doggy Daycare

  • $27 per day
  • $130.00 – 5 day punch card
  • $250.00 – 10 day punch card
  • $350.00 – 15 day punch card
  • $450.00 – 20 day punch card
  • $420.00 – monthly rate
  • $21.00 – half day rate (up to 6 hours)
  • $20.00 – Temperament evaluation (includes 5 hours of daycare)


10% discount for a family with two or more dogs attending daycare

Punch cards expire:  1 year from last day used.

Dogs must be dropped off by 10:00 am.

Grooming Services

  • Bath – $20.00
  • Nail Trim – $17.00
  • Bath/Nail Combo – $33.00
  • Brushing (10 Minutes) – $12.00
  • Bath Punch Card (Buy 5 get 1 free) – $100.00
  • Nail Trim Punch Card (buy 5 get 1 free) – $85.00
  • Brushing Punch Card (buy 5 get 1 free) – $60.00



Professional Grooming Services

Professional Grooming Services are provided by Sosa Professional Grooming by Appointment Only.  Contact Alejandro Sosa at (206) 407-8324 or email sosagrooming@gmail.com

Alejandro Sosa Professional Groomer

Alejandro Sosa
Professional Groomer



Training Classes (See Dog Training for classes offered) – $150.00

Private Training and Behavior Consultations – Perkins Animal Behavior Consulting  (perkinsanimalbehavior@gmail.com)


At Doggone Fun! we sell a variety of organic treats, toys, Thundershirts, training tools, books and more.











After Hours Facility Rental

Doggone Fun! Doggy Daycare Center may be rented after hours for doggy birthday parties, dog club meetings and other special dog events. Dogs are always welcome. We offer a 2200 square foot bright, indoor, air conditioned play arena for your dog guests to romp and play. Call us at (503) 691-9796 so we can help you plan a Doggone Fun! Party!

  • Rental (per hour) – $75.00
  • Deposit (deducted from maintenance fee) – $50.00
  • Maintenance Fee – $75.00

Dog Training

Clicker Training For Dogs!

What Is Clicker Training? – Clicker Training is a fun and exciting way of communicating with and training your dog. This science based method of training has been successfully used for years with marine mammals and animal actors on TV sitcoms, commercials and movies. It has now taken the dog world by storm.

Clicker Training is based on the behavioral theory called “Operant Conditioning”. It uses positive reinforcement to strengthen desired behaviors. Simply put, clicker training uses a distinct marker signal –a clicker- to mark a desired behavior. The clicker sound or marker says to the dog, “YES!, that is exactly what I wanted you to do and now you will receive a worthwhile reward. The reward motivates the dog to repeat the behavior and the clicker gives the dog the exact information about what action the dog did that actually won the reward.

Animals learn best when their own capabilities are encouraged and directed into behaviors that help them live harmoniously with humans. Clicker trainers set their dogs up to succeed then reward them for their successes. It is fun and easy to learn for you and your dog. Clicker training is a powerful animal training tool. Best of all the dogs love it! They have a clear understanding of what they are doing right, and they get a chance to earn rewards like food treats, favorite toys, attention and praise through their own actions. With Clicker training you do not need choke chains or pinch collars because you and your dog work together as a team. You can clearly and positively communicate with each other and build a long lasting positive, trusting and respectful relationship.


Meet the Trainer

Laura Perkins

B.S., Animal Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

M.S., Applied Behavior Analysis, University of North Texas

Laura has a bachelor’s degree in animal science and a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis. She began training dogs at a young age in 4-H and went on to compete in AKC agility and obedience. It was in 4-H that Laura became interested in teaching others about dog training and care. She had the opportunity to lead the dog training classes as a senior member of the program. During college, she participated in a study abroad course with Dr. Roger Abrantes where she learned about canine behavior and body language in addition to the theory behind canine learning.

Laura loved learning about the science behind animal training and sought out a graduate program to study the topic. Laura studied applied behavior analysis at theUniversityofNorth Texasunder the supervision of Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz. The program provided a strong background in operant conditioning and creating an environment that will lead to successful learning. When not in class or working on research projects, Laura spent her time helping at the Heard Animal Sanctuary where a group of students trained exotic animals to perform behaviors necessary for providing veterinary care.

In addition to working at Doggone Fun!, Laura offers private consulting through Perkins Animal Behavior Consulting. Her website is: PerkinsAnimalBehavior.weebly.com.


Dog Training Classes


 New Core Modules Curriculum





This is the first course in the Core Modules Curriculum.   Dog owners will learn how to use positive reinforcement, clicker training, and deliver treats/toys as reinforcers.  Dogs will learn sit, down, stand, name recognition, leave it, and polite greetings. This is a great class for new puppies and adult dogs who have had little to no training experience.

  • For dogs and puppies of all ages
  • Prerequisites:  None! 
  • 4 week course – $100.00

 New Classes Start:

 September 2016






This is the Loose Leash Walking course in the Core Modules Curriculum.  Every piece of walking on leash will be covered, from starting in your living room, to taking it on the road.

  • Prerequisites – Foundations or equivalent
  • 4 week course – $100.00

New Class Starts:

 September 2016






This is the Stationing and Stay portion of the Core Modules Curriculum.  This class includes teaching a nose target, chin target, stay, relaxed down, go to place, crate training, and adding duration and distraction to each behavior.

  • Prerequisites – Foundations or equivalent
  • 4 week course – $100.00

New Class Starts:

 September 2016





This Core Modules class is all about Recalls.  We will start with name recognition, collar grabs, and restrained recalls and then work up to recalls out of play or away from other distractions.

  • Prerequisites – Foundations or equivalent
  • 4 week course – $100.00

New Class Starts:

September 2016











We will play some training games to sharpen our shaping skills and teach a fun new trick each week.  We will also teach some more complex tricks over the course of the class.  Tricks will be chosen one week prior to the start of the class based on student votes.

  • Prerequisites – Intro to Clicker or Core Foundations
  • 6 week course – $150.00 

New Class Starts:

September 2016






This course covers all the “flatwork” skills your dog needs to be successful in agility.  We will introduce the tunnel, table, and teeter board in addition to teaching your dog how to follow basic cues and signals that you will use in agility.  Puppies are welcome too!

  • Prerequisites – Intro to Clicker or Core Foundations
  • 6 week course – $150.00 

New Class Starts:

September 2016







This course focuses on introducing obstacles and teaching your dog to perform the obstacles independently.  We will work up to the full-height teeter, teach weave poles, practice jumping and work up to jumping at regulation height.  Puppies are welcome to join – material can be adapted to meet their physical requirements.

  • Prerequisites – Agility Foundations Flatwork
  • 6 week course – $150.00

New Class Starts:

September 2016






Private Training and Behavior Consultations


Private training and behavior consultations are by appointment only.  Please call  Laura Perkins, Perkins Animal Behavior Consulting at (309) 370-8233 or email her at perkinsanimalbehavior@gmail.com. 

For more information or to sign up for one of the above class please call us at 503-691-9796 or email us at doggonefun@outlook.com