Thundershirts – A great solution for dog anxiety without the use of drugs.

Using the Thundershirt is a positive way to help owners deal with and reduce their dog’s anxiety and fear issues. The Thundershirt is like a well fitted jacket that provides gentle pressure to the dog’s muscles.  This gentle pressure has a calming effect on the dog’s nervous system.  It is like getting a big hug!  Mothers use the same method to calm their children.  It is based on the Temple Grandin idea that gentle pressure helps relieve anxiety. Vets have been using this same method for years to keep dogs calm during certain procedures.  It is also the method used in TTouch and with autistic children.

If your dog suffers from fear or anxiety the Thundershirt is a great way to provide comfort. Some situations in which Thundershirts can be beneficial are when your dog is home alone, around loud noises and fireworks, during nail trims, car rides, visits to the vet, and during thunder storms.   The Thundershirt can also be useful in training.  It helps to calm over stimulated or hyper active dogs enough to allow them to focus on training.   Thundershirts are available at Doggone Fun! DoggyDaycare Center for $38.00. We also have many other positive training tools and enrichment supplies including:  the Gentle Leader, Easy Walk halter, Wobbler Kong, Buster Cube and of course our Clicker Training classes.

Sammy strikes a pose in his Thundershirt


Sammy the Pomeranian wears his Thunder Shirt in the car on the way to doggy daycare and he loves it!




Clicker training is a positive and effective way of teaching your dog.  It can be very useful when potty training a new puppy. The best way to potty train a puppy is to set it up for success at the very start.  Positive reinforcement, consistency, and the following pointers will start you and  your puppy on your way to a positive and successful potty training experience.

Set up the best environment for your puppy.  Since you can’t be with your puppy every minute of the day, set up a puppy playpen.  X-pens work great for this.  Put newspapers or puppy pads on the floor (so accidents don’t matter), a crate with soft bedding for sleeping, and a shallow box lined with puppy pads for relieving himself.  When puppy is very young, help him to find the puppy pads by gently placing him there.  soon he will find it on his own.  When you take your puppy outside, put some soiled puppy pads on the grass where you want him to go.  This should be the same place every time.  The smell of urine and feces will encourage him to go.

Keep track of your puppy’s schedule.  Puppies need to go out the instant they wake up, after every meal, and after play.  Immediately take them outside to their designated potty area or put them in their playpen.  Sometimes they can’t tell if they are going until it happens.  Don’t punish your puppy for mistakes.  It will make him distrust you and hide elimination from you.  Keep your puppy in their puppy playpen at night.  They will use the potty box if they have to go during the night.  As they get older they will be able to hold it during the night.

Don’t expect too much too soon.  The first few months are like infancy, when things are pretty hit or miss.  Up to six months is like toddler-hood for some breeds.  Remember to have patience, set your puppy up for success and be consistent.  Don’t expect too much too soon.

Click and treat for using the right places.  When you take your puppy outside WATCH HIM!  Click just as they are beginning to finish.  Give them a treat and a lot of praise and petting.  The click tells your puppy exactly what he did to make you so pleased.  Your puppy will remember that and will try it again to gain a reward.

Develop a cue for eliminating.  When your puppy is going in the right places, come up with a verbal cue like “Go Potty” or “Do Your Duty”.  Watch your puppy.  When he looks as if he is about to go, say the cue word, let them go, then click and treat.  With time and consistency, the cue word will “remind” them to go even without a click or treat.


“Daphne has been going to Doggone Fun! for 6 1/2 years. On daycare mornings she starts getting excited when we pull into the parking lot. I know she enjoys Doggone Fun1 by the big smile she gets when she drags me in the door. The Staff at Doggone Fun! are awesome!”  Michele and Tony, Daphne’s mom and dad

Daphne's doggy daycare smile