Daycare Benefits for Dogs and Their Owners

Doggone Fun! Doggy Daycare Center offers many benefits for dogs and their owners. Statistics show that people are becoming more aware of their pet’s welfare including their health and well-being. Pet owners want quality care for their pets that they are unable to give due to their busy schedules. Doggone Fun! is committed to offering pet owners experienced and caring animal care specialists, a safe, clean and supervised play arena and innovative enrichment options for a full day of fun. Our main goal is to provide dogs with a stimulating, enriching, caring, clean and safe environment.

Provides Social Interaction

Allowing dogs the opportunity to socialize with other dogs is probably the most important gift you can give yourself and your dog. Dogs, by nature, are highly social animals. They form strong social bonds, which is one of the reasons we form such long-lasing relationships with dogs. The majority of dog behavior can be traced back to their identity as predators that are programmed to be constantly around other dogs to survive. Regular play with other dogs builds your dog’s confidence and improves their ability to communicate and interact. The more dogs your dog interacts with the better their social skills become. Soon your dog will be a “social butterfly” coaxing worried or antisocial dogs to play, appeasing tough dogs and defusing potential fights with subtle body language.

Reduces Problem Behaviors

Many behavior problems occur when pet owners are away from home and their dogs are left alone. These behavior problems include: barking, whining, howling, destruction of property and increased frequency of urination and defecation. This happens due to the dog’s increased stress level when isolated. Daycare for your dog is one of the best ways to teach your dog good socialization skills and eliminate owner absent behavior problems.

Provides Exercise and Stimulation

Many dogs are severely under challenged in their day to day life. Doggone Fun! provides your dog with a stimulating and enriching environment. We fulfill your dog’s social, mental and physical needs through social interaction with other dogs, plenty of physical exercise in our large play arena, practicing and reinforcing basic behaviors such as; sit, name recognition and recalls, and many innovative and creative toys and games to keep your dog’s mind sharp and active. Providing this type of stimulation on a regular basis is a pet owner’s first defense against unwanted behavioral problems.


Facility Overview

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Doggone Fun! Doggy Daycare Center offers a 2200 square foot, bright, indoor, air conditioned play arena for your dog to enjoy supervised play with other dogs. The play arena floors are covered with firm rubber matting for your dogs comfort, health and safety. Rest areas are available and equipped with comfortable dog beds for those dogs that need extra rest and solitude. The facility is ventilated with continual air turnover to reduce humidity and maintain a healthy environment.









Meet the Owner – Cinthia Alia Mitchell

Cinthia & “Tipsey”


Doggone Fun! Doggy Daycare Center is owned and managed by Cinthia Alia Mitchell.  Cinthia received her Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from the University of Puget Sound in 1989. She has been working in the animal care and training business since 1983. Starting her career as a Staff Biologist for the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington she trained various species of birds and marine mammals for educational demonstrations. In 1990 she moved to Chicago, Illinois to work as an animal care specialist training marine mammals for the Shedd Aquairum. In 1992 she moved to Newport, Oregon where she held a Senior Mammalogist position with the Oregon Coast Aquarium. It was there that she had the honor to work with Keiko the famous killer whale.  In 1999 Cinthia opened Doggone Fun!, one of the first dog daycares in the Portland area. She offers her years of animal care, training and enrichment experience to help give pet owners an enriching alternative to leaving their dogs home alone while they work.  Cinthia is also a published author.  She co-authored the book, “Beyond Squeaky Toys: Innovative ideas for eliminating problem behaviors and enriching the lives of dogs and cats”.  It is the first book of it’s kind on the subject of environmental enrichment for pet animals.  Cinthia has developed and managed animal husbandry, training and enrichment programs for marine mammals, birds and land mammals. She is a professional member of the International Marine Animal Trainers Association (IMATA),  the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Animal Behavior Management Alliance (ABMA). She also acts as regional reporter for IMATA and has published and presented several papers concerning animal husbandry, training and enrichment methods.


 Meet the staff


Doggone Fun! Doggy Daycare Staff are Animal CPR & First Aid certified.  Each staff member receives extensive training in animal behavior, training, and enrichment.   Our staff  has a wealth of experience and knowledge of dog social behavior to ensure quality care and encourage safe, positive interactions.  


Jocelyn Bellanger – DAYCARE MANAGER

Jocelyn and “Yogi”

“Animals have always been something I am very passionate about.  Working at Doggone Fun! is great because I get to interact with dogs all day and I actually look forward to going to work everyday!  I love getting to know each of the dogs and their owners.”


Jadrienne Cardinale – ASSISTANT MANAGER

Jadrienne and “Tarrak”

“I have always felt a connection with animals, especially dogs.   After working with them I know this will be a career path for me.  I love to learn new things about dog training and dog language.  I also love having my cuddle time with them.  I am excited to work with your dogs.”



Lizzie and “Stryker”

“Since a young age I have had such a love and passion for animals. I am always striving to learn more about the interactions of dogs and animals in general. Working at Doggone Fun! allows me the opportunity to continuously learn and grow in this area. I look forward to meeting you and your pup!”




Erick and “Jameson”


“I love animals.  I was a small animal technician at a vet clinic in Albuquerque, NM for 9 years. Working at Doggone Fun! gives me a new chance to continue working with “man’s best friend” and to develop lasting relationships with the dogs”